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White Wooden Decorative Heart for The Table (39cm)
Decorative wooden table centerpiece in the shape of a heart in white color for party and wedding dec...
Natural Wooden Heart Table Centerpiece (39cm)
Natural wooden centerpiece for table decoration in the shape of a heart for party and wedding table...
Light Up Gold Wire Christmas Tree (30cm)
An elegant gold color wire tree with Led lights for Christmas home and party decoration. The size o...
Decorative Wooden Tree with Gold Glitter Details (40,5cm x 20,5cm)
A stylish wooden Christmas tree with gold glitter details for home and party decoration. This tree...
Green Decorative Tree with Wooden Trunk (23,6cm)
Decorative tree for table decoration in green color with velvet touch and wooden tree trunk for Chri...
Decorative Tree Trunk with Trees and Led Lights (53cm)
Decorative tree trunk with snow, trees and led lights for your fireplace or centerpiece table decora...
White Decorative Tree with Wooden Trunk (23,6cm)
Decorative tree in white color with velvet touch and a wooden trunk for home and party Christmas dec...
Christmas Set for Centerpiece Table Decoration
A wooden tray in white color followed by 2 tealight holders with tealights, 1 white shaped candle wi...
Decorative Metal Star with Jute Decoration and LED Lights (35cm)
Metal star for table decoration, decorated with jute, led lights and wooden base, for stars and Chri...
Wooden Christmas Tree with 3 Shelves (59,5cm)
Decorative wooden tree with 3 shelves, great decoration also for your candy bar, use it as a treat s...
Decorative Wooden Christmas Tree with Star on The Top (32cm)
Decorative wooden tree for Christmas decoartion with a wooden star on the top. The size of the tree...
Tree with Colourful Led Lights (50cm)
Decorative tree with 108 colorful led lights for Christmas home and party decoration. The size of t...
Seahorse Chalkboard Table Decoration (39cm)
A chalkboard table decoration in the shape of a seahorse, you can use a chalk to write on the seahor...
Set of Gold Wooden Stars (3pcs)
Decorative wooden stars with gold glitter for your ceiling or wall decoration at your home and party...
Beach Party Wooden Sign (70cm x 40cm)
Decorative wooden sign with 3 arrows, playa, surf camp and beach party. Perfect decoration for a sum...
Metal Wreath with Flower Decoration and Tealight Holder
A metal wreath with flowers and tealight holder for hanging decoration in a party, baptism and weddi...
Maritime Wooden Plate with Tea Light Holders (34,5cm x 13cm)
Decorative wooden plate with 3 tea holders in grey color with maritime themed decorative touch for h...
Tropical Leaves Wooden Plate with Tealight Holders (30cm x 10cm)
Decorative wooden plate with 4 different tealight holders, with the tropical leaves design for your...
Beach Party Wooden Decorative Surfboard (60cm x 25cm)
Welcome your guests on your beach party with this beautiful wooden surfboard, party supplies for sum...
Shooter Glass with Wooden Slat
Adults party accessories, a wooden slat with 6 holes for the shot glasses. The box includes the sla...
Wooden Decorative Hanging Shelf (45cm x 14cm x 117cm)
A wooden hanging shelf with sea theme details for your event decoration, great for Baptism. The siz...
Wooden Decorative Display with Blackboard (87cm x 165cm)
Decorative wooden display with 4 wooden racks and a chalkboard at the top with white metal details....
Double Sided Display with 3 Levels and Blackboard (74cm x 129,5cm)
Wooden display for party decoration which is double sided, with 3 levels and a double sided blackboa...
3 Levels White Wooden Trolley with Blackboard (69cm x 33cm x 86cm)
Small white color wooden trolley display with 3 levels and one blackboard for party, baptism and wed...
Medium Size White Wooden Trolley with Blackboard (112cm x 58,5cm x 143,5cm)
White wooden trolley display in medium size with 3 levels and a blackboard for party, baptism and we...
Large White and Wooden Trolley (132cm x 50cm x 150cm)
A wooden display in the shape of a trolley in white and natural color for party, baptism and wedding...
Small Wooden Trolley (62cm x 24cm x 61cm)
Small wooden decorative trolley in natural color for table and candy bar decoration on parties, bapt...
Wooden Display with Shelves and Blackboard (32cm x 65cm)
A small wooden stand with 2 shelves and a blackboard, great for your candy bar decoration. The size...
Gold Round Metallic Stand for Decoration (2m)
Round stand made of metal in gold color for all occasions party decoration. The diameter of the sta...
Hexagon Metallic Stand for Decoration (2m)
Stand in hexagonal shape made of metal in gold color for all events decoration. You can decorate it...
White Round Metallic Stand (2m)
Round shape metallic stand in white color for party, baptism and wedding decoration. You can decora...
Rose Gold Round Metallic Stand (2m)
A rose gold color metallic stand in a round shape for your event decoration. You can decorate it wi...
Rectangular Metallic Stand in Gold Champagne Color (150cm x 200cm)
Decorate your party, baptism and wedding with this metallic stand which you will decorate it with fl...
White Expandable Metallic Decorative Bar for The Table
With the white expandable metallic decorative bar you can set up whatever decoration you want for yo...
Gold Metallic Expandable Bar for The Table
Out of stock
The gold metallic expandable bar is the greatest solution for you to create beautiful table and cand...

Here you can find large and special decorative items and displays for any kind of event room decoration.

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