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Customer Information

Boutique Party Shop & Youpi Party Events E.E. has the largest selection of party supplies and balloon , and we are constantly renewing and enriching our collections.

You can also find our products at our Retail Stores:

Kallithea Boutique Party Shop, 16B, El, Venizelou Av. PC 17676 , phone 210-9573725

Glyfada Boutique Party Shop, Andrea Papandreou 20,16675, phone 210-8940152

Chalandri Boutique Party Shop, 11 Doukissis Plakedias 11, PC 15234 , phone 210-6801121

Vari Boutique Party Shop Pick Up Store, 66 Evelpidon Avenue, PC 16672, phone 210-9655554 (only for online orders pick up and balloons)

Payment methods

Boutique Party Shop offers 2 ways of payment:

Payment in cash (we do not accept 500 euro banknotes)

Payment by debit or credit card, except Diners and American Express

The customer is not obligated to pay, unless we provide him with legal receipt or invoice.

Products - Venue

Our stores have plenty of light, great music, courteous staff and our products are beautifully set up in our stores to provide you with a pleasant atmosphere during your shopping.

If you tear the packaging or break a product during your shopping, we will unfortunately have to charge you for it.

Terms and Conditions for exchanges

Please be advised that the following products are not subject to exchange.

  • Seasonal (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s day, and carnival)

  • Bachelor party and wedding accessories.

  • Balloons latex

  • Helium tankers
  • Products on sale/offers

Other products are subject to exchange with the following conditions:

The package has not been opened.

You can exchange the item ONLY with the receipt and within 15 days of purchase.


We can make you a credit note which will be valid for 1 year from the day of exchange. After that specific time you no longer have any rights on your credit.

The credit note you will receive it as a code in your email with which you can ONLY purchase through our website. Since the code have been sent to your email you are responsible to keep it. If you loose it our company won't be able to create another one for you.


Our system is connected to all our retail stores, as well as to our online store. Therefore we cannot make reservations.

We recommend you to select the products you want by completing an online order and by choosing which store you want to receive them from. This way, we are able to reserve the products for up to 1 business day after you complete your order.


Our stores only inflate with helium the balloons we have for sale.

In case you have your own balloons, we suggest using a disposable helium tanker to inflate them in your own place.

Orders for helium-inflated Balloons.

Orders for helium balloons are completed only at our retail stores and after their payment..

In our order form, you agree to provide us with your personal information, which is used exclusively by Boutique Party Shop & Youpi Party Events Ε.Ε. until you receive your order.

Upon receipt of the balloons, your personal information is deleted and you give us your written consent to store it for future information.

Your order is completed only by filling in the order form and by placing your signature on the top right, which validates the correct order (correct personal information, correct delivery date / time, correct order of the balloons you have selected).

Upon receipt of your order, you are required to confirm that your order is correct and that the balloons are in excellent condition. If your order complies with the above specifications, you sign at the bottom right of the order slip.

Warning: Once you leave the store, we are no longer responsible for the balloons.

So pay close attention to the instructions provided by the staff of the Boutique party shop.

Change balloon order, pick up / delivery date.

Should you wish to change the pickup / delivery date, it must be at least 2 business days before the agreed date.

If you do not receive the order on the agreed date, the order will not be shipped and no refund will be issued.

Balloon Delivery Service

The balloon delivery service may be available for the day and time you prefer.

The delivery charge is calculated on the basis of mileage (1.50 EUR / km) with a minimum charge of 5.80 EUR (which covers the distance of 500m from the shop where the order is completed).

The distance is calculated from the store where you placed your order as the point of departure.

Deliveries are made from Tuesday to Saturday from 09:00 to 15:00 and for the moment we deliver only on specific areas on the southern suburbs (from Mosxato to Vari).

Once you place an order with the delivery option, you should know the following:

  • While delivering balloons, the customer must be present at the receipt or have a designated person who will be responsible for the receipt.

  • The person who receives the order signs for the excellent condition of the balloons, so upon completion of delivery, we no longer have any responsibility for the balloons.

  • If the customer is absent at the agreed time of delivery, the balloons will be returned to the store and the customer will be obliged to pick them up.


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