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Ηχεία - Καραόκε για την απογείωση του πάρτυ σας, σε οποιαδήποτε στιγμή και σε οποιοδήποτε σημείο.

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Black Drum Block 420
The Drum Block 420 is a powerfull small Drum and Karaoke speaker that you can take anywhere. You can...
€69.99 -7%
Gold Disco Star 710G
A stylish portable speaker in gold color which is also a perfect gift. The Gold Disco Star is not a...
Party Led Lights Box
Decorative large multicolor letters PARTY with Led bulbs for any kind of event decoration. The size...
Monster Bubble Machine (41W)
Electric bubble machine for any kind of event. Fill the machine with the special liquid for bubbles...
Fog Machine 400W
Electric fog machine for a creepy and full of mystery atmosphere. The power of the machine is 400W.
High Dense Fog Liquid (5L)
Party accessories, special high dense liquid for the fog machine. Bottle of 5L.
Led Board (60cm x 80cm)
Standing board with Led lights on which you can write and draw on it with the special markers, great...
Halloween Discoball with Ligth and Sound (14cm)
Discoball for the table which lights up and makes creepy sound, ideal choice in order to create a sp...
Lightchain with Multicolor Led Lights (12,5m)
Decorative lightchain with 20 multicolor led bulbs for your party, room and garden decoration. You...
Led Strobo Light
Led lamp with white strobo light, great light accessorie for your party-event.  
LED Disco Light
Party special effects, disco light with 48 colorful LED lights. USB powered, 3W, PS material and th...
The Flash Juke 12
With this portable Bluetooth 5.0 speaker you should let your neighbors know that your having a party...
€199.85 -6%
Let's Go Party Juke 808
The Let's Go Party Juke is a speaker for people that parties ALL THE TIME. This Bluetooth protable...
€249.00 -20%
Let's Go Party 4 Studio
With the Let's Go Party 4 Studio you have the party in your hand.  Thanks to the handle and the bui...
€52.90 -24%
Disco Star 710SG
A stylish portable speaker in gold color which is also a perfect gift. The Disco Star is not a simp...
€73.99 -6%
Bubble Maker (22W)
Out of stock
Bubble maker eletrical machine for any kind of events. The power of the machine is 22W.   Notice:...
Bluetooth Sing Microphone with Disco Lights
Out of stock
The sing mic bluetooth karaoke disco microphone that you can take anywhere. You can turn any place...
€34.50 -13%
Pink Disco Block 410
Out of stock
Pink of Barbie Disco block 410 is a small but powerful Bluetooth speaker that you can take anywhere....
White Disco Block 410
Out of stock
The Disco Block 410 is a white modern, small but powerful Bluetooth speaker that you can take anywhe...
Silver Disco Star 710S
Out of stock
The Silver Disco Star is the greatest gadget for any kind of parties. We remind you that it could be...
Blacklight Bulb
Out of stock
Special effect blacklight bulb of 5W.  Set the light and sound on your event for a powerful party.
Bubble Liquid (1L)
Out of stock
Bottle of 1L of special liquid for the bubble machine.
Light Spotlight 12
Out of stock
Have you always wanted to make a disco of your room? With the spotlight 12 you now have the possibil...
The Flash Banger 777
Out of stock
The Flash Banger 777 is a portable Bluetooth speaker for parties. Festive beats, clear sounds, port...

Στη κατηγορία Συστήματα Καραόκε θα βρείτε μεγάλη ποικιλία σε μικρόφωνα και ηχεία τα οποία συνδέονται με το κινητό σας μέσω bluetooth. 

Με αυτό το σύστημα μπορείτε άμεσα να παίξετε μουσική όπως επίσης σας προτείνουμε μια μεγάλη λίστα με τραγούδια για Καραόκε στο You Tube.

Πολλά από τα ηχεία έχουν και οπτικά εφέ όπως επίσης είναι και wireless οπότε μπορείτε να τα μεταφέρετε οπουδήποτε. 

Πάρτυ χωρίς μουσική δεν γίνεται, οπότε η σειρά με τα ηχεία μας της N-Gear σας δίνουν την δυνατότητα να απογειώσετε το πάρτυ σας είτε αυτό γίνει σε κλειστό χώρο, σε πισίνα, στη παραλία ή το βουνό.

Τα συστήματα μας Καραόκε θα γίνουν οι καλύτεροί σας φίλοι, θα σας συνοδεύουν παντού.

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