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Baby Blue Pirate - Baby Shower Theme

Party supplies for baby shower with the " Pale Blue Pirate" theme.

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Pale Blue Pirate Paper Cups (6pcs)
Pirate theme paper cups in pale blue color. Pack of 6 pieces.
€2.20 -32%
Pale Blue Pirate Large Paper Plates (6pcs)
Pale blue large paper plates with pirate theme, great for your baptism table decoration. The size o...
€3.25 -39%
Pirate Napkin Rings (6pcs)
Pale blue paper napkins rings with pirate theme. Pack of 6 pieces.
€2.10 -20%
Pirate Placemats (6pcs)
Pale blue placemats with pirate theme for table decoration. Pack of 6 pieces.
€8.95 -55%
Blue Pirate Cover Chairs (6pcs)
Blue pirate cover chairs for party decoration. Pack of 6 pieces.
€23.89 -62%
Baby Shower Stars Foil Balloons (46cm)
Foil round balloon with holographic print with stars for Baby Shower party theme decoration. The si...
Πειρατικό κορδέλα
Κορδέλα σατέν γαλάζια με σπαθιά πειρατικά και τύπωμα Pirate.Το φάρδος της κορδέλας είναι 1εκ και έχε...
€6.10 -35%

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