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My Safari Party - Girls Party Supplies

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Savanna Paper Cups (6pcs)
Leopard Print Paper Cups (8pcs)
Savanna Large Paper Plates (6pcs)
Happy Jungle Animals Giraffe small paper plates (8pcs)
Leopard Print Small Paper Plates (8pcs)
Leopard Print Large Paper Plates (8pcs)
Smiling Animals Small Shaped Paper Plates (8pcs)
Monkey Large Paper Plates (8pcs)
Monkey Face Small Paper Plates 8pcs
Lion Large Paper Plates 8/pcs
Lion Small Paper Plates 8/pcs
Tiger Large Paper Plates (8pcs)
Tiger Small Paper Plates (8pcs)
Animal Safari Large Paper Plates (8pcs)
My Safari Party Luncheon Napkins (20pcs)
Leopard Print Long Luncheon Napkins (16pcs)
Luncheon Napkins Smiling Animals (16pcs)
Monkey Luncheon Napkins 16/pcs
Lion Luncheon Napkins (16pcs)
Tiger Luncheon Napkins (16pcs)
Animal Safari Luncheon Napkins (16pcs)
Leopard Print Tablecover (137cm x 259cm)
Animal Safari Plastic Tablecover (137cm x 213cm)
Savanna Paper Straws (6pcs)
Yellow Paper Straws Smiling Animals (10pcs)
My Safari Party Invitations (6pcs)
Savanna Table Confetti (12pcs)
Savanna Cake Toppers (3pcs)
Zebra Cake Topper
Tropical Paper Leaves for Decoration (6pcs)
Tropical Leaves Paper Decoration (21pcs)
€11.65 -6%
Savanna Cupcake Wrappers and Decorative Picks (12pcs)
Jungle Kraft Cupcake Wrappers (8pcs)
Jungle Safari Loot bags (8pcs)
Tropical Leaves Mini Wooden Pegs (6pcs)
Treat Boxes Smiling Animals (4pcs)
Jungle Safari Paper Masks (8pcs)
Safari Party Table Runner (30cm x 5m)
Wild Pampas in Ivory Color (3pcs)
Decorative Natural Bouquet (85cm)
Decorative Natural Pampas (6pcs)
Bouquet of Lagurus (75cm)
Sheaves in Natural Color (6pcs)
Decorative Yellow Sheaves (6pcs)
Savanna Flag Bunting (3m)
Tropical Leaves Fabric Garland (2m)
Tropical Leaves Garland
Green Leaves Happy Birthday Garland (2,25m)
Tropical Leaves Flag Bunting (1,3m)
€2.64 -25%
Savanna Placemats for The Table (6pcs)
Decorative Round Wooden Piece (25cm)
Party Hats Smiling Animals (6pcs)
Smiling Animals Cake Candles (4pcs)
XL Tropical Balloon Garland with Accessories
Jungle Balloon Garland with Accessories
Happy Lion Supershape Balloon (74cm)
Happy Giraffe Supershape Balloon (74cm)
Playful Monkey Supershape Balloon (102cm)
Happy Zebra Head Supershape Balloon (74cm)
Safari Latex Balloons (5pcs)
Pinata Savana Elephant (36cm)
Pinata Savana Tiger (36cm)
Pinata Savana Zebra (36cm)
Wild Animals Mini Birthday Cake Candles (5pcs)
€3.68 -19%
Smiling Animals Paper Cups (8pcs)
Out of stock
Jungle Trees Centerpiece Table Decoration (2pcs)
Out of stock
Leaf Cookie Cutter (11cm)
Out of stock
Green Leaves Hanging Decorations (3pcs)
Out of stock

My Safari Party, party supplies range with the jungle animals theme in pastel colors

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