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Iridescent - Colour Theme Party Supplies

Party supplies, accessories and decorative supplies with Iridescent color theme.

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Silver Paper Cups with Holographic Print (10pcs)
Paper cups of 270ml in silver color with holographic print and iridescent effect under the light, co...
Mermaid Iridescent Paper Cups (6pcs)
Mermaid iridescent paper cups (220ml), party supplies for girls. Pack of 6 pieces.
€3.34 -10%
Mint Iridescent Paper Straws (10pcs)
Paper straws in mint iridescent color, color theme party supplies. Pack of 10 pieces.
Iridescent Confettis (15g)
Iridescent Confetti, party accessories. Pack of 15g.
Iridescent Stars Confetti
Confetti for table decoration in white iridescent color stars, party accessories. 
Iridiscent Holographic Streamers
Streamer in iridescent color, party accessories.
Party Horns with Holographic Print (6pcs)
Party Horns with Holographic Print, party accessories. Pack of 6 pieces.
Tassel Garland in Iridescent Color (2,74m)
Tassel garland in Iridescent color for party decoration. The lenght of the garland is 2,74m.
Iridescent Wooden Forks (8pcs)
Wooden forks in silver iridescent color, party supplies. Pack of 8 pieces.
Iridescent Wooden Spoons (8pcs)
Wooden spoons in silver iridescent color, party supplies. Pack of 8 pieces.

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