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Air walkers - Balloons

The airwalkers balloons are big and shaped foil balloons. 

The airwalkers balloons are sold in pack (not inflated).


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R2D2 airwalker μπαλόνι
Μπαλόνι foil airwalker με ήρωα τον R2D2 από την ταινία Star Wars. Το μέγεθος του είναι 96εκ.
€29.43 -8%
Bubble Balloon Beauty and the Beast with Belle (56cm)
Bubble Balloon Beauty and the Beast with Belle, balloon decoration for party. The size of the ballo...
Ninja Turtle Airwalker Balloon (111cm)
Airwalker balloon in the shape of ninja turtle. The size of the balloon is 111cm.   The balloons b...
€29.19 -8%
Helium Tanker
Helium tanker for balloons inflation. The helium tanker inflates about 50 latex balloons of 9 size...
Balloon Pomp
Balloon pomp in order to inflate your balloons with air.

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